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 Details   American Legion Post #94   754 Middle Burnt Fork Road   Stevensville      Social and service organization of veterans of the US armed forces. 
 Details   Bitterroot Cultural Heritage Trust   P.O. Box 2216   Hamilton      The Bitter Root Cultural Heritage Trust is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the arts and the historic and cultural heritage of our Valley. We pursue our work through education, collaboration, program offerings, and community engagement. 
 Details   Bitterroot Family Church   402 Church Street   Stevensville       
 Details   Dogs on Deployment   207 Saint Marys Drive   Stevensville      Dogs on Deployment is a national non-profit Veteran's service organization. We provide various services to military personnel related to the care of their pets, including financial assistance for veterinary services. Our main service, however, is that of finding foster homes of the pets of military personnel if the service member needs to be away from home and has no other resources (family or friends). Visit us at www.dogsondeployment.org and register to be a fosterer or event volunteer. 
 Details   Friday Women Hikers   526 E 3rd St   Stevensville       
 Details   Friends of Fort Owen   1287 Wheelbarrow Creek Road   Stevensville       
 Details   Historic St. Mary's Mission   315 Charlos St   Stevensville       
 Details   Jesus Community Church   318 S College St   Stevensville       
 Details   Knights of Columbus      Stevensville       
 Details   Light of the Valley Assemblies of God   103 N Kootenai Creek Road   Stevensville       
 Details   Lone Rock PTM      Stevensville       
 Details   Long Acres Homeowners      Stevensville       
 Details   Montana Audubon   115 W 3rd St   Stevensville       
 Details   North Valley Public Library   208 Main Street   Stevensville       
 Details   North Valley Public Library Foundation      STEVENSVILLE       
 Details   Our Savior Lutheran Church   184 Pine Hollow Road   Stevensville       
 Details   Pantry Partners Food Bank Inc.   3614 Alc Way   Stevensville       
 Details   St. Mary's Mission Parish   333 Charlos St   Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville Community Foundation   P.O. Box 413   Stevensville      Established in 1994, the Stevensville Community Foundation manages philanthropic resources for the betterment of the greater Stevensville area. SCF offers grants to local groups that meet the criteria. Grant applications are awarded in April and October each year. See our website for more details. www.stevensvillecommunityfoundation.org 
 Details   Stevensville Fire Department      Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville Parent Teacher Club      Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville Playhouse   319 Main St   Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville Police Department   206 Buck St   Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville Ranger District   88 Main St   Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville Sharing Tree      Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville United Methodist Church   216 S College St   Stevensville       
 Details   Stevensville Youth Baseball      Stevensville       
 Details   The Bitterroot Sapphire Chapter/Montana Association for the Blind      Stevensville       
 Details   The Clothes Closet Free Store   3862 ALC Way   Stevensville       
 Details   The Hunters Alliance   523 Main St   Stevensville       
 Details   The Living Centre   63 Main St   Stevensville       
 Details   Town of Stevensville   206 Buck St   Stevensville       
 Details   United States Post Office   701 Main St   Stevensville       
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